Pennsylvania Child Custody: Making the Most of Co-Parenting

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On behalf of the Law Office of Smith & Horwitz posted in Child Custody on Monday, April 29, 2013.

For Pennsylvania couples that are getting divorced and have children, the central issues of their divorce will most likely end up surrounding those children. Child custody issues will deal with parenting time, holidays, school events, and the like. Decisions made during settlement negotiations will end up guiding those activities after the divorce is final.

Most parents in Pennsylvania want to do what is best for their children. Those that are able to put aside the differences in their marriage and focus on their roles as parents may have a good chance of achieving that goal. There are several issues regarding co-parenting that couples may want to address in their custody agreement in order to avoid unnecessary confrontation later.

A child custody agreement could act as a road map for parents; and as such, should address as many issues as possible. Giving each other control over certain decisions ahead of time could serve to enhance both parents’ relationship with the children. Rules such as an agreement not to speak ill of each other to the children, and including both parents in milestones in the children’s lives may be helpful. Agreeing to work together to attend those family events such as birthdays and graduations can be included in the agreement. Even parents that are in a loving marriage don’t always agree when it comes to the kids so and set up a reasonable way to settle confrontations may also be helpful.

Negotiating a child custody agreement that is fair and equitable to both parties can only help both the couple and the children get through one of the toughest times in the family’s life. Getting a divorce isn’t easy for the couple or the children. It can be difficult at times to remember that just because the marriage is ending, that doesn’t mean the couple stops being parents. Setting up guidelines for how their parental relationship will be post-divorce may be the best gift the couple can give to themselves and their kids.