How to Negotiate Pennsylvania Custody Agreements Effectively

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Determining parental custody is difficult – especially if you are trying to negotiate custody agreements in Pennsylvania. You can create your own custody and visitation schedule if you have an amicable relationship with the other parent of the children – or you can work with a child custody lawyer to help create it. Lawyers help to ensure that the best interests of the children are taken into consideration and that there is a legal document to support the agreement

Why You Need To Negotiate In Child Custody Agreements

Some people believe that they live in a utopian world where they will automatically agree on child custody – but that isn’t typically the case. Both parents love their children and want to spend time with them and have an impact on their lives. However, oftentimes parents have different ideas about what is in the best interests of their children. When you and the other parent are divorcing, separating, or moving away from each other, a custody agreement is necessary. Family courts primarily look at the health and well-being of the children in question – which can include a number of factors. They create something called a “custody schedule” which is an official document that outlines when, where, and how the children will be with a certain parent.

While there are some parents that can agree to a custody schedule without negotiation, that isn’t the normal situation. Most parents need to go through mediation and negotiation to set the terms of custody.

How Does A Lawyer Help To Negotiate Pennsylvania Child Custody Agreements?

Negotiating child custody agreements requires both parents to be open and honest with themselves and each other. Sometimes, this is difficult amidst a contentious divorce. It requires compromise, honesty, vulnerability, and sacrifice. 

Lawyers help to put all the facts on the table and understand what is truly best for the children. Your attorney can help you to understand specific regulations in Pennsylvania, highlight areas where you are the better option, and understand where you may need to improve for your children. A lawyer can put many things into perspective and ensure that you get a fair shot at being there for your children physically, financially, and emotionally.

Working with a lawyer saves you time and effort – in most cases, everything can be settled much more quickly with a professional involved. It also gives you more control – if you cannot handle a child custody agreement yourself and it goes to the courts, often they will try to create a schedule that may not really work for you. Working with a lawyer can also help you to understand different custody strategies, laws, and rights that you will have as a parent.

How To Negotiate Pennsylvania Custody Agreements Effectively

You will have more success in negotiating a Pennsylvania child custody arrangement when you work with a lawyer. The first thing you want to do is familiarize yourself with the different child custody laws in Pennsylvania so that you know what to negotiate for and what cannot be negotiated. Even once the custody is determined, you will know what is not acceptable and what is when you have the children. Knowing these laws can also help you to determine your goals and priorities throughout the negotiation process. Remember that negotiations require sacrifices, so know what sacrifices you have to make before entering into mediation.

Once the custody agreement is finalized, you want to have a detailed plan in place to carry out that agreement – who will transport the children? Who will pay for sports? Piano lessons? Who gets the children on Christmas? When you work these details out initially (and in the presence of a lawyer), you will avoid fighting in front of the children and causing any bad blood. Do not put your children in the middle of any negotiations.

Need Help Negotiating A Custody Agreement? Call Us Today

Always respect the other parent’s right to be a parent – but remember that you can argue for what is right for your children. While you may have a desire to punish the other parent and be the “favorite” of your children, you need to think about the mental health and wellness of your children as well. Ultimately, negotiating a custody agreement will not be easy, but it is necessary. One of the best ways to do that is to work with a Philadelphia child custody attorney who can speed up the process and ensure there is an agreement in place. If you are ready to get started, call us now: (215) 515-8464.

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