Breaking up Is Hard to Do…Even for Celebrities

Media sources are constantly reporting on the personal lives of celebrities and especially on their divorces. This is perhaps because the divorces of celebrities can be particularly dramatic due to the high assets and extravagant properties that are often involved. In addition, any infidelity or other questionable actions of one or both celebrity spouses are usually widely publicized and thus may play a significant role in divorce proceedings.

Because of their media attention and wealth, celebrity divorce may seem to be in a different realm than your own divorce. However, the law requires celebrities to follow the same procedures and fulfill the same requirements as any other couple seeking a legal dissolution of marriage. For this reason, you can likely relate to more aspects of a celebrity divorce than you first imagine.

Spousal Support

Upon separation or divorce, one spouse may request that the other provide spousal support, which is also referred to as alimony. Spousal support is an issue in many celebrity divorce cases, especially when one spouse has significantly more income than the other. This can be compared to non-celebrity marriages in which one spouse stays home to raise children while the other is the sole financial provider. Recently, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their split right after their ten-year anniversary. Hitting the ten-year milestone may play a significant role in the award of spousal support to Garner.

Child Custody

For any couple with children, a major issue in the divorce will be determining a child custody and visitation arrangement. In addition, parents may later return to court to try to enforce or modify the child custody order and, therefore, custody cases can last until the child is 18 years old. Celebrities with children are no different. For example, Madonna and her former spouse Guy Ritchie were recently still fighting over whether their son should live with her in New York or with him in the U.K. even though they were divorced in 2008.

The above are only two of many issues that may be present in your divorce and in a celebrity divorce, as well.

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