Family Law in Philadelphia – What Is Family Law?

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The family has been called the heart and soul of society, and though issues that revolve around problems within a family may feel extremely personal, they also are a matter of public interest. Because of this, laws have been written and established to specifically address conflicts and rules about how family matters are resolved, and the area of law that addresses these issues is called family law. Smith and Horwitz is a law firm that is dedicated to helping families navigate these challenges. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Family law encompasses any area of conflict or law involving the family unit. This can include:

  • Marriage law, including getting married, marital assets, and prenuptial and antenuptial agreements
  • Child custody, including the assignment of custody, custody modifications, and problems with custody
  • Adoption, including different types of adoptions, preparing for the adoption process, and fighting objections regarding adoption
  • Domestic partnerships, civil unions, marriages, and divorces
  • Divorce, including separation, division of assets, and alimony
  • Child support and modifications of child support
  • Living together
  • Reproductive rights, including matters about abortion and birth control
  • Emancipation of minors
  • Paternity, including establishing paternity and challenging claims of paternity
  • Guardianship
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Parental rights and liability and termination of parental rights
  • Foster care
  • Surrogacy, gestational carrier

Essentially, family law is any legal issue that addresses the responsibilities between those who are connected domestically. Though the majority of cases involve people who are related through blood or marriage, there are other relationships that can be relevant as well. Most people assume that family matters can be easily addressed, but the emotions involved frequently make it too difficult to remain calm and reasonable. This is where a family law attorney can help. The compassionate family law attorneys at Smith and Horwitz understand how important these issues are to you, and we work hard to make sure that we get you the most positive outcome possible.

Family law issues generally involve the end of a relationship, though they can also address issues on how children are raised or protecting family members from violence or abuse from current or former spouses, parents, or children. Having a skilled and experienced attorney by your side during all legal meetings and representing you in court provides you with a strong and knowledgeable advocate who can move beyond emotion and use established law to your best benefit.

The frustration of family law matters is compounded by the intense emotions that are often involved, the complexity of the laws and the legal process itself, and the fear that the outcome of a case will jeopardize your relationship with cherished family members. The attorneys at Smith and Horwitz understand your concern and we are here to help. We will listen carefully, ask all the right questions and make sure that you understand all aspects of the legal process. Call us today and set up an appointment for a helpful consultation.

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