Divorce and Child Custody in Philadelphia

Sad girl with arguing parents

When a divorce takes place between two parents, the stage is often set for a high level of stress and emotion.  A person who once viewed their spouse as the perfect co-parent may now view them with animosity, suspicion, and dislike. The process of divorce often makes it difficult to see beyond the legal contest to what is truly important, and in the case of child custody that is what is best for the child or children of the marriage. At Smith and Horwitz, we are dedicated to helping parents provide their children with the legal solution that is most beneficial to them, and we use our experience and knowledge of the law to help you achieve that goal.

When a parent in the midst of divorce proceedings approaches a child custody discussion, it is often difficult for them to remain clear-headed and to focus on what will be best for their kids. The tenor of divorce conversations often deteriorates from negotiation to a need to win, and when parents are battling the real losers are often the children.  The state of Pennsylvania has attempted to craft laws that provide a level of continuity for the children of divorce, so if parents shared the responsibility for raising and caring for their children before the marriage dissolved, it is likely that the courts will assign joint custody.

Custody can be physical, which relates to where the child lives, or legal, which refers to important decisions about the child’s welfare, including medical care, religious upbringing, and academic environment.  Parents can share either or both of these types of custodies, can be given sole responsibility for either or both, or the two can be split. The general consensus is that the more willing parents are to collaborate and work towards an answer that satisfies everybody, the more it will benefit the children. At Smith & Horwitz are committed to facilitating that process, and have extensive experience at offering creative custody arrangements that meet your family’s unique needs.

Reaching a fair, negotiated agreement in your child custody discussions has many benefits. It avoids aggravation and the heightening of bitter feelings between your children’s parents, as well as an unnecessary expense.  It also prevents you from having a stranger to your family make life-altering decisions, and this is one of the top reasons that we strive to find a compromise.  When this type of collaboration is not possible in a child custody situation and the only way to resolve the issue is through litigation in court, we will act as strong advocates on your behalf and on behalf of your children.  Smith & Horwitz has the knowledge, experience, and compassion that you want on your side as you navigate your divorce. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation.

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